Squishy Skin on Nose 7 Months After Tipplasty, Is this Likely to Heal/Change?

I had a tipplasty about 7 1/2 months ago where my bulbous tip cartilage was reduced. Now, the skin on the front of my nose is squishy. When I touch it, it looks and feels exactly as if I was poking my cheek. Maybe its excess skin or fluid/tissue under the skin but I'm certain its not the cartilage structure underneath that is moving. Higher up on my nose where the skin rests on the bone is normal. Is this something that will heal/change with more time or is it just the result of the surgery?

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Soft tip skin following surgery

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Loose skin in the area of the tip several months following surgery could mean that you have very soft cartilage in the tip of your nose or that you have some persistent swelling (edema), which in the tip, can take many months to resolve.  I would suggest visiting with your physician to determine if further observation, or possibly an injection may be in order.

Squishy skin or thick skin?

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7 months after your surgery should have given your tip skin ample time to settle down. The skin could be thicker than desired, especially if you have active sebaceous glands. I would see your surgeon and ask if a steroid injection might help to thin this tissue. A series of injections monthly may be indicated. Revision surgery or dermabrasion may also be considered after one year has elasped.

Maurice P. Sherman, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

"Squishy" Skin after Nasal Tip Surgery

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The skin over the tip cartilage may still be swollen or the skin may not have contacted 7 months after your rhinoplasty causing the "squishy" feeling. Without pictures or the opportunity to examine your nose I suggest you talk with your surgeon.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Squishy nasal skin

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Squishy nasal skin is a bit unusual.  It may be resolving swelling, and it may take a year or more for this to improve. 

Loose skin months after rhinoplasty

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7 months after rhinoplasty it is not unusual for the skin to feel a little loose, soft, or squishy. Usually the tip of the nose feels hard for 3-5 months after an open rhinoplasty. Then the skin will feel a little squishy in many patients until about 18 months after surgery. Thanks for your question. 

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