Eyes Look Different After Revision Rhinoplasty, Is that Normal?

I recently had revision rhinoplasty 4 months ago. I went in to get my breathing fixed and a slight amount off the tip. the doctor ended up taking down a small amount of my bridge with out my knowledge. He said it was less then 1 mm of change. I have since noticed that my eyes look different. They appear more hollow and they use to slant down in the inner corners. They are more round now and have excess skin in the inner corners. Will this skin shrink back up in time & my eyes return normal?

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Eye Appearance and Rhinoplasty Surgery

People notice their eyes more after improving an unattractive, distracting nose. However nasal surgery will not change the size, shape or contour of the eyes or eyelids.

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Eyes and the nose

The eyes should not be impacted by the rhinoplasty but the rhinoplasty does change the balance of the overall face and this may be perceived by you in the way that you see your eyes.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Eyes Look Different After Revision Rhinoplasty, Is that Normal?

  Rhinoplasty should have zero effect on the size and shape, of the eyes.  It can and does make the eyes, cheeks and lips more noticeable after the nose is more refined.  This is how facial aesthetics work IMHO.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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