Is this a normal looking columella scar? (photos)

I had revision rhinoplasty 14 months ago. I took good care of my columella incision. I've tried mederma, scar fade and new gel plus e. I've massaged gently when applying scar cream. Should I seek scar revision or another treatment for scars? Or is this a normal looking columella scar? Thank you

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Rhinoplasty scar

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Thank you very much for your question.

What you have is a depressed scar. It is certainly suboptimal, but unfortunately not uncommon after open rhinoplasty. Such an incision is altogether avoided when using closed (aka endonasal) rhinoplasty techniques, and appropriate placement of the original incision on the columella, with meticulous closure during the initial procedure, are the best methods of prevention.

Your scar is of the depressed (or indented) nature. Therefore, it is no surprise that nothing that you've tried has been helpful - these topical treatments are meant to help with hypertrophic scars and keloids, not depressed scars. Your best shot is a scar revision by an experienced surgeon. 

Also, from the pictures you shared, it looks like the ala are retracted (the nostrils are too short and high) and showing too much of the columella. I would recommend you discuss this in your next consultation as well.

Best of Luck!

Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgeon

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