Does swelling affect the profile of a nose or will this be my final size? (Photo)

13 days from rhino...the surgeon has contoured well And I'm happy with the shape, the dorsal shaved slightly and I asked for as much reduction as possible in the tip as it was long and hanging in profile. Can swelling can affect the "length of the nose in profile " I'm aware the tip is chubbier then it will be in width but The nose looks no smaller in profile then before. i know its earlier on but can swelling affect the side length or should I prepare myself that it's not reduced enough?thanks

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Does swelling affect the profile of the nose

13 days post rhinoplasty is too early to tell what the final result will be.  However, the swelling is generally greater along the sides of the nose rather than the length. 

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Swelling and profile length

Swelling at this stage in your healing is very much still present. As the nose continues to heal you will notice that the swelling will decrease. However, be aware that the nasal tip is the one region of the nose that is known to have persistent swelling postoperatively. This can take weeks to months to subside. Swelling typically does not affect the overall length or projection of the nose. It is usually most noticeable from the frontal views in the nasal tip and mid-nasal region. Make sure that you follow up with you rhinoplasty surgeon throughout this time so that they can address any concerns that you might have. Best of luck.

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Things are looking good

Leelee: at 13 days postoperatively, you still have a fair amount of swelling.  While the "shape" on profile won't change much, the overall size of your nose will still reduce somewhat.  In other words, your final result will likely be a slightly smaller version of the nose you see now, in all dimensions...slightly closer to your face, more refined, etc. If the swelling persists beyond 4-6 weeks, discuss with your surgeon any interventions that might help further reduce some of the volume.  Best of luck

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How does post-operative swelling affect the profile of the nose?

Thank you for your question.

Post-operative swelling can take up to 18 months to resolve completely, although the vast majority of it is gone much sooner than that.  I usually tell my patients that approximately 60% of the swelling is gone at 1 month, 70% at 2 months, 80% at 3 months, and 90% at 6 months - the remaining 10% will typically resolve over the next 6-12 months.

Having said that, where and how the swelling affects the post-operative appearance of the nose is partly dependent on the surgical technique / approach (open versus endonasal, reduction vs augmentation rhinoplasty, etc), as well as the timeline.  At 2 weeks, you still have a great deal of swelling, and it could certainly affect the perceived length of the nose, depending on what maneuvers were performed in order to achieve the results you were seeking.

Best wishes.

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Swelling affects final resilts

This can certainly be due to swelling/edema, as small amounts of tip edema persists for over a year.  Be patient and follow your surgeons post op instructions!

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Healing after Rhinoplasty

Generally speaking, it can take 6 to 12 months to completely heal after surgery. Please keep in touch with your surgeon or his/her clinical team to discuss your ongoing concerns.

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Be patient

still you have a long long road ahead of peaks and valleys of swelling, yours is not the final result.

Alejandro Nogueira, MD
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Does swelling affect the profile of a nose or will this be my final size?

Swelling of the nose takes months to resolve, tim is your friend, be patient. Follow your plastic surgeons post-op instructions completely and carefully, you should do well.
Good Luck

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Does swelling affect the profile of a nose or will this be my final size?

If you were 13 weeks than the question could be more appropriate. But only 2 weeks.... Best to allow healing time...

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