Best Solution To Remove Scar In Smile Lines?

I formed a scar. I went to a derma doctor when I was 15 years and he injected something which flatten it. It lasted a couple months and then came back again.I left it alone for ten years and went back to the same doctor and he suggested that he cut it out. I was too scared and so I decide to think about it more.I was wondering what the best solution would be to make it look better or what the first derma doctor said is the best option.

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Scar Removal

Go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and obtain another opinion.  Excising the scar may be a good option, just be sure it is someone who does this often, and has alternatives to offer if the scar doesn’t resolve.

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Multiple options for the improvement of facial scars

After looking at your picture, it seems that there is a small scar on the left upper laugh line.  If this is the one you are referring to, I would consider the following options.  Sometimes a little steroid injection can soften it up, or even some fractionated laser resurfacing will help blend the edges.  In the right hands, these two treatments are quite safe and offer little downside.  Surgically revising the scar carries the most uncertainty.  While this is an option, you have to ask yourself if it does not turn out the way you want (which is not a small chance), was it worth the try?  That is the question you need to answer.

Good luck.

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