Raised Mole Removal: How Can I Remove the Scar?

I had a mole removed in the office of a general practicioner 21 years ago when I was a teen. I have a raised scar that is white but ugly. Since that time I have had other moles removed by a dermatologist with no ugly scars. Is there anything I can do about the old scar? Might silicone sheeting or liquid help? If a doctor can help, is it best to see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for this?

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Scar Removal

Many dermatologists are good cosmetically with facial scars.  Not all cut it out and do plastic closures however.  Thus, I would see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Board Certified Dermatologist and ask how they open and close the skin.

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Keloids are difficult, but other scars can be more easily treated

If the scar you are referring to is a keloid, then there is a good chance that by cutting it out that it will recur.  However, the puffiness can sometimes be treated with pulsed dye laser, steroid injections, or laser resurfacing.  Without a picture it is difficult to tell, but I would recommend seeing a dermatologic surgeon, but then again, I am biased.  

If one includes the number of biopsies in addition to the number skin surgeries performed in a given year.  Most dermatologic surgeons will have performed several thousand in a year alone.  Orders of magnitude more than any other subspecialist.  If you have read Malcolm Gladwell's NYT Bestseller "Outliers", then you will know that it is all about the 10,000th hour.  ;)

Good luck.


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Questions regarding noticeable and raised scar

Given your description (though without a photo) of the scar, there is a very straightforward solution. This would involve excising (cutting out) the scar and then having the resultant wound repaired in a meticulous fashion. Though there is no guarantee with regard to the results (as this also depends on location), there is a reasonably good chance that the final scar will be improved in appearance.

Typically, this can be addressed using local anesthesia and it should be performed by a plastic surgeon.

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