Is Smoking Marijuana 8 Weeks or 2 Months After Septorhinoplasty Going to Cause Any Harm?

smoked marijuana 8 weeks after septorhinoplasty surgery. Will this cause harm to the result or hurt my septum?

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Smoking marijuana eight weeks after a rhinoplasty will not affect the outcome of the operation.

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I can see no problem with smoking marijuana relative to a rhinoplasty eight weeks after the operation. If you are doing so illegally and a cop nightsticks you in the nose, that's a different matter altogether.


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Smoking marijuana has clear and well know negative effects on your health. Having said that, there is no reason to believe it would affect a rhinoplasty patient any more than someone who never had surgery.

Is Smoking Marijuana 8 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty OK?

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   Dear candid456,  Smoking marijuana 8 weeks after your surgery will not directly affect the outcome of your surgery. However, if you happen to fall down while stoned or pass out with your face in your pillow (alcohol is commonly used as well) you may suffer some consequences...good luck. :) Dr. G.

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