What Happens if I Break my Nose and I Have an Implant?

I have a rib implant in my nose. If I get a blow to my nose, what would happen? Would it break and I'll get a hump after healing? Would it heal differently from a regular nose?

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Longer healing time

You can still break your nose with an implant in place. The implant itself will probably not break but just get displaced. The nasal bones can still become fractured from the injury and will have to be reset and the rib graft realigned back to its normal anatomical straight position. It will take longer to heal because of the complexity of the reconstruction from the previous surgery.

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The implant won't fracture.

 Even with strong trauma, the implant won't fracture. However, the rest of the nasal bones or the entire graft can shift and require further surgery.

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Nasal Fracture with Rib Implant

Hi Scipio,

Sounds like you are a boxer, martial artist, or extreme fighter, none of which are good for rib implants in the nose. If you get hit on your implant most likely it will remain intact, but may shift and have a cosmetic deformity. Work on avoiding nasal trauma unless you want to revisit the operating room.

Be well.

Dr. P

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