Is It Possible For Spreader Grafts To Collapse That Were Inserted Into Each Side of the Nose?

Is there a possibility of them collapsing or are they usually placed in there so nothing can damage them?

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Spreader grafts don't "collapse" but they can shift and sometimes don't work.

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A spreader graft is designed to push the nasal valve into a permanent "open" position.  It can shift if not fixed properly and therefore would not work.  Furthermore, the patient may have too much scarring around the valve (from previous surgery) which restricts the ability of the graft to move the valve.

Rhinoplasty revision

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Any cartilage graft placed in the nose can warp or shift in position over time. The chances of this happening are reduced by suturing the cartilage into position. Some surgeons prefer non-absorbable sutures others use absorbable sutures believing the cartilage will stick to adjacent cartilage within a few weeks. In order to suture spreader grafts in place the procedure would have to employ the open approach. Without before and after photos or knowing exactly what was done at your surgery it is impossible to know what has happened in your case or if you are just inquiring prior to having any surgery.

In some cases a problem exists during/after surgery but it is not visible until the swelling resolves and everything settles down. We especially see this with nasal surgery and liposuction.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Spreader grafts are secure.

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Spreader grafts are typically secured in your nose with sutures.  BUT, this depends on how they were placed.  In an external approach rhinoplasty - where you have a small cut on your columella; spreader grafts are always sewn in place.  In an endonasal approach rhinoplasty - where everything is done inside your nose with no visible cuts; spreader grafts are placed into a secured/tight mucosa (nose lining) pocket.  While they aren't sewn into place, they are quite secure in this technique.  It would be very rare for them to move or become dislodged with either technique.

If something has happened that is making you concerned that they've moved  or become dislodged, I would strongly encourage you to see your nasal surgeon and be thoroughly evaluated.



Michael G. Brandt, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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