Can I Have a Small Hole in Septum and Will It Heal on Its Own?

I have recently had really bad nasal congestion. I was put on Nasonex. This seemed to help a little however everytime I breathe in my nose makes a whistling noise. There does appear to be a scab inside on the septum and if I am rubbing ny nose it will dislogde and start to bleed. The Dr. said I did not have a hole in the septum. But I am wondering now if it might be a small enough hole she didnt notice?

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Small hole in septum

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If the nose is whistling then you indeed may have a septal perforation.  Septal perforations occur in different sizes depending on the cause.  A small perforation is self-limiting, but will not heal on its own.  Placing a silastic button over the hole can repair septal perforations.

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Possible hole in septum can be seen in direct examination

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With a thorough exam to look inside your nose a nasal perforation even small is detectable. I would suggest having another consultation and exam. Explain your symptoms and hopefully a proper diagnosis can be made. Best regards!

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Hole in nose

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You did not mentioned if you had any trauma or nasal syrgery. If your symtoms started following a blow to your nose or if you started to have crusting, bleeding and/or whistling after a nasal surgery, this may be due to having a relatively small hole in your nose which is detectable in a careful nasal examination. You may consider to request a re-examination with special attention to inspect the septum. 

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