1 Week After Rhinoplasty, Was Told Laughing for a Couple Days After Removing Splint but I Did, Could I have Done Damage?

I got rhinoplasty 6 days ago. Today I has my splint taken off any my sutures removed. I was told not to laugh for two days, but I laughed very hard inadvertently. My central nostril looks droopy. Am I okay or do I need some help?

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Laughing will not affect your results

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Your concern is valid, but rest assured that laughing should not affect your results. It's best to keep your facial expressions at minimum because the stitches may pull and can cause bleeding, but your results probably won't be affected.

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Laughing should not cause any problems in recovery or result

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Laughing six days after surgery will not cause any post operative problems that will effect your final result. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to smile and laugh as you feel your smile may be restricted. It is good to laugh and and be happy. So keep smiling especially in front of the mirror! Enjoy! Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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Don’t worry about laughing as long as it’s not too much. It is important to try not to quint your nose or moving it around of course. Remember that you may have a lot of sutures inside your nose you can’t see so the less tension you place on your nose the better.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Laughing after rhinoplasty

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Laighing should not have damaged anything that was done for you. The only problem with laughing during the early post-op period, is that it is usually uncomfortable to smile.

Laughing after rhinoplasty

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It s extremely unlikely for you to have caused any damage by just laughing 1 week after surgery.  Also 1 week post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery - be patient and follow up with your surgeon

Activity after rhinoplasty

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It is highly unlikely that you caused any problem. Unless you see sudden onset of bleeding I would not worry about it one bit. Good luck.

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