Slapped on nose 3 months after rhinoplasty. Could my nose move?

I had rhinoplasty(tip narrowed, bridge narrowed and bump removed) a little over 3 months ago. Last night I was at a bar with a friend and she slapped me straight on (not from the side) hitting my nose tip directly. It hurt for a few minutes. It didnt bleed and it doesn't look any different today. I already have an appt to see my surgeon but I am SO worried she did damage. Even if the nose doesn't look different could she have loosened something that will cause my nose to miss shape or droop over time?

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Likely will be ok

Fortuanately, it's unusual for a fracture to occur after surgery.  You would likely see the difference fairly quickly if you had a new injury deformity

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Nasal Trauma Post Rhinoplasty

Although you saw stars being hit in the nose, you probably didn't permanently hurt the nose. You didn't have persistent pain, bloody nose, breathing problems, or a more crooked nose. Consult your surgeon.

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