One Side of Nose It Rising Up, the Skin Looks Thicker on One Side? (photo)

Im 16 yrs old,asian female. My nose wasn't like this when i was a kid. I think it's the acne scarring. So one side of my nostril is higher than the other, and one side the skin is thicker. i don't want go get surgery. i heard that when u r still young, u can change ur nose a bit. i got a nose shaper thingy,will that help with the problem. what's wrong with my nose? if i press that side down, it'll look normal. is this uncommon? i saw people with acne and their nose doesnt look like that.

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Changing Nose

Most likely the changes you are seeing in your nose could be related to hormone fluctuations, growth and your face taking on a overall adult look. I don't think a nose shaper will make any permanent changes. I would definitely treat any acne or skin concerns you may have, but wait on the rhinoplasty until you stop seeing changes.

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Rhinoplasty question

Dear pielover9686,

  • Acne scarring can cause changes in the way your nose looks
  • You can try a nose reshaper, but it will probably not have any long term permanent effects
  • You are also at an age where there are a lot of changes due to hormone levels
  • Once you reach about 16-18, these changes stop and we can reassess the nose to see what would work out best

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