How Can I Shorten a Long Face? (photo)

I am interested in figuring out what kind of procedures would help shorten a long face due to a narrow nose. I don't have a very defined jawline nor cheek bones. But I feel I have more cheeks in the lower part of my face. I'm not sure if a simple cheek augmentation would do or a filler to make my face appear wider or possibly a chin augmentation. I don't know if fillers or implants alone could solve this. Please help me find the best long term solution for this facial type. Thank you.

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Cheek implants can help a face appear shorter

Implants and fillers will just not be enough to make a worthwhile change and the results are temporary.  Shortening a long face is very difficult.  Cheek implants can be placed over the maxilla to give a more round look to create the illusion of an overall shorter face.  Chin augmentation will only make the facial features look longer which is counterproductive.

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How to Shorten a Long Face

You would not want to actually shorten your face but you can achieve that illusion by improving your facial contour with cheek and chin implants. That is clearly shown in the section on implants on my website.

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How Can I Shorten a Long Face?

 Elongated faces appear so aesthetically because the cheeks lack the proper volume.  Your photos show flat cheeks with excess fatty tissues of the lower face.  I suspect that the chin may be weak as well.  Augmenting the cheeks to their ideal aesthetic shape, using fillers like Perlane or Cheek Implants, for a permanent augmentation, will create a more heart-shaped and naturally attractive face.  

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How Can I Shorten a Long Face?

You can make your face appear shorter by slightly elevating your nasal tip and releasing the muscle that pulls your tip down when you smile. Cheek implants can also make your face appear shorter. You can also benefit from a chin implant.

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