What Treatment is Available for a Bone Callus After a Nose Job?

I'm 18 and i had a closed rhinoplasty two months ago to correct my nose hump. In the top of the dorsum, in the left side, where the osteotomies were made appeared a little "hump" which my doctor told me it was a callus formation but to live with it because it was unnoticeable. I can notice it, and I am afraid it grows even more. Can a callus fade away by itself? Do I have any treatment possibility? Thanks

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Sometimes a bump reforms after rhinoplasty, but the often go away with further healing

Bumps on the nasal bones sometimes come back in part from formation of a callus. This is part of the healing process of bones. As the bones heal further they often go away. However it may take a year to fully heal.
If the bump persists at a year they can be shaved in a much smaller procedure.

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Callus Formation After Osteotomies

Dear Henrique,

When osteotomies are performed, callus formations are not uncommon; bones heal and that is part of the process that happens to be visible sometimes.

That being said, it is too early to assess the final results of your surgery as it takes about a year for the end results to get establish and a callus to become almost unnoticed.

In case the small hump persists after full recovery attained it can be filed down through a much less complex procedure than the one you had.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your inquiry and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Recovery after rhinoplasty

The dorsal bump may be a result of a small amount or fragment of cartilage or bony tissue that will likely resorb in a few months.  Revision is not recommended at this stage in your post-rhinoplasty recovery. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Bone issue from rhinoplasty

At two months, your bones are still healing. Give it time and see what it looks like in 6 months or so.  If there is a small prominence, it can often be rasped down.

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No Biggie

It may not be callous that is pretty early for callous. It may be bone debris after rasping or any number of things...You must wait and most causes will disappear if not it is an easy fix.

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Bone Callus after Rhinoplasty

Give yourself another 6-9 months to see what happens as healing progresses. It is unusual for a callous to form that rapidly. If it does remain or does increase in size a minor revision will correct the undesirable fullness.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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