Can ultrasound be preformed on hand veins?

I had sclerotherapy on my hands last year. The doctor in question didn't do a very good job. I realize I am a veiny man, and I can deal with my left hand, but my right hand is not looking so hot. Is there an experienced, compassionate doctor, that could use ultrasound to troubleshoot the problem and target some veins? The ones I want to remove are probably not recommended, and located on my wrist.

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Hand sclerotherapy in Los Angeles

Veins are an important part of your circulation. Although some veins can be removed, it is essential to maintain the blood supply to the extremity. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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Hand veins.

The treatment of hand veins is a cosmetic procedure.  Ultrasound can be done on hand veins but it is not necessary when treating cosmetic hand veins unless there is a suspicion of an underlying abnormality as to the cause of the hand veins.  As with sclerotherapy to any other veins, sometimes more than one treatment is necessary and, if the veins are large, removal through micro incisions or endovenous laser may be necessary. I do no remove veins on the palm side of the wrist.

John Landi, MD
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Hand Vein Removal

Find an experienced physician who performs hand vein sclerotherapy.

It is not uncommon to need a second or even third treatment to achieve a good cosmetic outcome.

As a board certified radiologist, interventional radiologist, and venous and lymphatic medicine physician, ultrasound is not necessary to perform hand vein removal.

It is important to be realistic about how extensive the network of veins that can be safely removed. Usually veins are not removed more than a few centimeters above the wrist.

Christopher Pittman, MD
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Ultrasound on hand veins

Ultrasound can be used to establish if a vein on your treated hands is open or clotted...however most often this can be determined with a physical exam.  If a vein is hard and non-compressible, it's likely clotted.  In any event, there are a number of ways to remove veins on the backs of the hands...or make them look less noticeable.  Treatment options include microphlebectomies (taking the veins out through tiny incisions), sclerotherapy or laser ablation.  Alternatively, you can mask the appearance of veins by injection of fillers.  I'd suggest that you see a vein expert who also does fillers, in order that you have options available for consideration.  Hope that helps!

Ultrasound for Hand Veins--Radiesse Hands First Before Sclerotherapy For Dorsal Hand Veins

You can rejuvenate the hands very well with fillers, I suggest that first before removing the veins with sclerotherapy.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Hand veins

If these veins are very bothersome to you, I would recommend seeing a hand surgeon for an evaluation to see if removal of these veins is an option for you.

Lisa Perez, MD
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