Spider veins and open pores? (Photos)

am 24 and I have really bad skin I have open pores oily skin and even spider veins under my nose .. I suffered from acne when I was younger and still have the odd breakout .. I'm getting desperate what can I do?

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Open pores and spider veins

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I recommend that you utilize a retinoid program and 3-6 months later get cosmetic laser treatment for the spider veins if they are still a problem. 

I recommend RR Retinoid Repair cream from Kare Skin. 

Maintaining appearances

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24 is not too young to start good habits! Preserving our youthful beauty is being diligent about skin care and taking care of concerns before they become problems - I'm not going to lie, it's a lifetime battle! While we have not met and I do not know your daily skin care routine, but your oily and acne prone skin would certainly benefit from the use of a retinoid cream (Vitamin A) to even the skin tone, shrink the pores, and clear away the acne. ZO (Zen Obagi) has an Acne System which provides all the necessary ingredients to clear skin such as yours. You should see results in a month. Sunblock is a must! Gentle peels such as SkinMedica Vitalize Peel can also help brighten your skin and improve its texture by sloughing off the layers of dead skin cells. For the acne scars, microneedling has been shown to lift the scars and improve the skin to help them fade away. As for the telangectasias (broken blood vessels) - the best way to rid yourself of these is with laser treatments. In our office we use the Cutera Excel V to target those find capillaries and zap them away. Please be mindful that the vessels near/on the nose are the most difficult to treat, they may be feeding from a larger artery by the nose and your results may not be as immediately satisfying compared to other areas. You must find a well-qualified and certified practitioner who is able to assess your skin type and color and treat you appropriately. Laser treatments or skin care done incorrectly can lead to scarring and hyper/hypopigmentation which are difficult to treat. I hope this helps! -Dr. Mills

Dan Mills, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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