Spider veins on breast after DIEP flap surgery noted immediately post op; still there 9 mos later. Can this be treated? (Photo)

I have spider veins on one breast post diep flap. What is the best way to get rid of them? I have read about laser treatment and sclerotherapy. What type of treatment is best. I don't want to develop new complications from treatment. I read that sclerotherapy uses foam which can travel to the heart. I don't want that. What type of laser is best? These spider veins are ugly and didn't have them prior to the reconstruction

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Spider veins on chest

I have treated spider veins on the chest successfully with both saline sclerotherapy and a Gemini laser, without complications. In my experience, if the veins are bluish purple, they are best treated with a 1064 nm wavelength laser (other wavelengths can also be used).  If the veins are red, they will respond to either a 532 nm or 1064 nm wavelength among other wavelengths. The Gemini laser (or Excel V laser) can produce both 532 and 1064 nm wavelengths. It would be best for you to see a specialist who can offer you both laser and sclerotherapy options and select the best treatment for you, and perform the treatment with the expertise necessary for good results without complications. I would recommend finding a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist - there are quite a few in New York City.

Cleveland Dermatologic Surgeon
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Spider veins on breast

Sclerotherapy would give you good results with minimal risk. Foam sclerotherapy is safe but if you are concerned, foam does not have to be used. The medication can be left in the liquid form and should work just fine for spider veins.

Lisa Perez, MD
Atlanta Physician
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Breast Spider Veins

The best treatment for blue or green breast veins is sclerotherapy.  Foam sclerotherapy is also the best option of sclerotherapy.  The risk of any complications from foam in someone well trained in foam treatment is very low.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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