Midline shift and gap, crown or veneers? Do not want to wear any kind of braces again (Photos)

I had worn braces and had got teeth aligned. But after few years my midline shifted to one side and there is also a small gap. I do not want to go for braces again. What are my options, crowns or veneers?

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Crowns or #veneers for shifted midline #DrSoftTouch

Porcelain crowns and veneers can change the size, shade and shape of teeth dramatically enhancing your smile. There isn't a huge difference between a crown or a veneer. A crown covers the entire tooth, while a veneer only covers the front portion of a tooth). Both can be used to close gaps and correct a slightly shifted midline. I would recommend seeing an experienced cosmetic dentist to determine your options. I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf for more answers.

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Veneers to enahnce your smile

Veneers can enhance your smile dramatically by changing the size/shape/color, etc.  However there is limits in the correction of the midline with veneers. Make sure to visit a very well experienced provider in your area who can discuss with you the final outcome of  your case, including study models and is able to show you the final results in wax prior to the start of the treatment.

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Porcelain dental crowns may not be needed

There isn't a major difference between a crown or a veneer (crown covers entire tooth, veneer just the front half), but if given a choice a veneer is better (less tooth structure removed).  Properly bonded and bite evaluated and balanced, veneers are very durable and predictable.  It takes a talented lab technician to create beautiful and natural looking veneers, so choose the dentist carefully (they choose the lab).  Properly designed veneers can correct midlines and close gaps, but it will be important to be clear with your dentist your specific goals.

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Crowns are too aggressive for your case

The best thing to do is to move your natural, healthy teeth back to their proper position. Would you consider Invisalign, clear aligner therapy. These aligners have many advantages over traditional braces?
You could do minimal prep veneers which could allow the lateral incisors to be made more proportional and keep from making the Central incisors from looking too big when the space is closed. Veneer therapy is going to cost a lot more than Invisalign because you would have to treat more than just the two teeth you are thinking need help. If you just treat the two front teeth it will look un-natural and out of proper proportion.

Crown or veneer?

Thanks for posting the pictures. Your case should be able to be done with veneers. Crowns require more aggressive tooth structure removal that doesn't appear necessary in you case. Good luck!

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