Do I need a Crown Lengthening or should I have Permanent Placed today? Please help!! (photo)

Hi I am in desperate need of good advice i had a root canal done three months ago and A temp crown after 3 months the temp crown was pulsing and throbbing at gum line . 2 other dentists suggested crown lengthening. after one week the pulsing went away. Now i dont know what to do my dentist who put the temp on said it is because I need the real crown and not a lengthening. Please see photos and I would greatly appreciate your response if i should go and place crown today. or do the lengthgeing

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Crown Lengthening

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My concern for you is that from what the x-ray shows, your temp doesn't fit between it and the tooth behind it and it also looks like there is a big cavity there. If there is indeed decay there, once the decay is fully removed, the tooth will be below the level of the bone that's in between these teeth. How can a crown then fit properly? The only way is to do crown lengthening.

Temporary crown

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Thanks for sending your question. You should have your dentist check the new crown and place the new crown and take an xray to make sure it is sealed properly. If on the xray it shows it is sealed you may elect to have the crown placed with temporary cement and give it a week or two to see if it settles down. If so then you may elect to have the crown placed permanently. Hope this helps.All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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Temp crown

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There is another option. Have the doctor place the permanent crown with temporary cement. Leave it alone for a period of time. If all is well it can be permanently cemented in the future. If it's a problem you can have crown lengthening and wear the permanent crown as a temporary during healing. Then have the new crown made. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Crown lengthening

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Hi there,          based on the X-ray , it looks you have dark area which stand for open margin/broken tooth structure/decay and it's very deep from the back of your tooth # 19 dismally.  We always want to place the margin of the crown deep to close area like this, in your case is deep under the gum almost close to tag jaw bone, this case is most probably need a crown lengthening where they reduce some of your bone + gum, to be able to cover that area deeply. Otherwise without that if they try to place just a crown deeply most probably it would always irritate throbbed your gums causing inflammation bleeding around the gum and discomfort like that , there is a termin in dentistry called biological width which we can't violate , which means we can't placed under the gum close to the bone, I'll recommend you consult periodontist gum specialist for possible crown lengthening .    Good luck!!!         George Saakyan DDS

George Sahakyan, DDS
Glendale Dentist

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