Lux 1540: Is There Any Downtime?

Should I expect any downtime after a laser treatment with the Lux 1540?

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1540nm Laser Downtime

Thank you for the important question. The downtime from this laser is minimal -- there is some puffiness and redness for about 48 hours, but no bleeding, flaking, or peeling as you would find with CO2 type lasers. In addition, the recovery depends on the settings -- lighter treatments have less post-procedure swelling and redness. Aftercare involves moisturizer and SPF.

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Downtime for 1540 Laser - very mild

The downtime is similar to a mild sunburn, some pinkness and mild swelling.  It lasts about 2 weeks on the face and takes about 2 months on the chest.  It is not painful.  The pink face is easy to cover with foundation, so it helps if you are normally a make up wearer.  There is no wound care necessary.  Remember it will take several treatment sessions to get results you'll be happy with.   Best regards, Marla Klein MD

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