When Will the Waffle Imprint from the Palomar 1540 Laser Disappear?

I just received my first laser treatment from my plastic surgeon using the Palomar Starlux 1540 hand piece. I'm only 2 days out but nearly all redness and swelling is gone. However, around my eyes (upper and lower lid) is a very fine waffle looking imprint from where the laser was used. I'm nervous this will not go away on its own and was not expecting this. Is there anything I can do? Is this normal to occur with this laser and how long will it last? Please help!

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Waffle imprints with Lux1540

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It is normal to have the waffle imprints following treatment with the Lux 1540, particularly once the redness and swelling have subsided. It takes a few days for this element to resolve. In the meantime, keep the area protected from the sun. 

You should be fine

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It is common to have the pixilated imprint of the LUX 1540 laser after the treatment. Once the redness and swelling goes away the remaining imprint of the laser appears and may even look as a area of a brown pigmented lesion.

The length of time it maybe noticeable depends on the type of skin the energy and time the energy was delivered for each pulse used. The higher the energy the longer the imprint. It is very rare to have a significant burn or a long term complication with this laser.

Make sure you are protected from the sun!!!!  If you are really concerned go back to your doctor.

Good luck!!!

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