How Long Does Microswelling Generally Last After a Lux 1540?

I ask because I'd like to know how long I'd have to wait before I know how much the laser actually did in the initial treatment before waiting to see how it improves from there.

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Swelling after 1540 Treatment

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Normally, "Microswelling" subsides after 24 hours. Icing the area after can help to subside much of the swelling. Make sure to avoid any exercise where you will be sweating, hot showers and public pools to avoid further skin irritation. As soon as swelling goes down, you can cover any redness using a mineral powder. Always wear an SPF 30 minimum to protect the skin, especially after any laser treatment.

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Swelling after LuxE 1540

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Swelling is expected immediately post-treatment and generally resolves within 24-48 hours. It may last up to 3-5 days in some patients.

Applying ice, cool rollers, etc. as well as topical agents post-procedure can shorten the duration of swelling as well.

Post op treatment with the 1540

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Usually the treatment produces about a week of mild downtime consisting initially of swelling and redness for a few days and then some rough "sandpapery" feeling for a few days as the time laser columns heal. The best results are seen a few weeks later.  I recommend at least 3 treatments about a month apart.  However many patients opt to continue their treatments on a maintenance basis.

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