Broken front tooth after exam/sonic cleaning; dentist said I need a new crown? (Photos)

I felt a pop/snap which I stopped her and let her know. I went to dental office that very next morning, and she took another X ray of my uppers and became alarmed and sent back her procedural managers to tell me that I needed to sign a release form, which I said no. I left office and received a call from the owner of both of the 2 dental practices. He asked me to come in the following day early evening. . I went in, and he said as a courtesy he couldn't guarantee, & need a new Crown. Help???

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Options for broken tooth after cleaning #DrSoftTouch

A tooth that fractures during a regular cleaning has prior issues. In general, a tooth that has had a root canal is more likely to fracture. For this reason, a crown is usually recommended to protect the tooth. If enough tooth structure remains, a crown would be recommended. However, if there is not enough tooth structure, your options for replacing the tooth would be a bridge or implant. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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Dental crown for a cracked tooth

The copy of the x-ray is not very clear but shows a dark line at the neck of the tooth. The tooth would need good clinical exam to determine mobility and depth of fracture. Treatment would really depend on how deep the fracture is. Treatment may include a post and core and crown. With deep fractures, a tooth can be saved after a crown lengthening procedure if clinically possible. Allow your doctor to do a detailed clinical exam for those details. Thanks. 

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Broken teeth, crown


Generally in my experience any tooth that is damaged in the course of a regular cleaning has had some prior cracks and issues. In your case since the tooth has been root canaled, there is a higher chance of cracking.   


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Healthy teeth don't break

despite the timing, the hygienist isn't at "fault". If cleaning instruments can break the tooth, then the tooth had major issues. From the image, a crown may not work, so consider extraction and an implant or bridge.

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New Dental Crown

Well, Dear it is difficult to say anything without examine your teeth. If your dentist recommend you crown then you should go for it.

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Get a second opinion

I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  In general, root canal treated teeth are more brittle and more likely to fracture.  That is a reason why it is usually recommended to place a crown on root canal treated tooth to protect it.  If there is enough tooth structure left, a crown can be done.  If there is not enough tooth structure, then you're looking at an implant or bridge after extraction.  You might want to get a second professional opinion.  For clarification, what couldn't the dentist guarantee?

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