New dental crown next to an implant clown is making a clicking/popping sound when pushed with my toung, needs replacement?

New dental crown next to an implant clown is making a clicking noise when I push with my toung back and forth, sort of popping effect, feels lightly loose when pushed back and forth with my fingers, should it be replaced and how do I explain it to my dentist who says everything looks just fine?

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Clicking popping nioise from a crown


If the crown is loose you definitely should have it looked at right away before there is damage to the tooth.  There are occasions that the crown can be removed and recemented without replacement.  Just let your dentist know that you feel a crown is loose.


Dr. Maddahi

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Clicking Crown

Sometimes you as the patient can sense something before we as dentists can see a problem. My thought is that the crown is loose on your tooth and that your dentist should try to remove the crown with a device that would not damage it. If it's loose, it should come out or, at the very least, show your dentist where the problem is. If you are experiencing what your describing, then there is definitely an issue that should be addressed. I hope this helps!

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