Scheduling an Appointment for a Blepharoplasty?

Hi, wanted to know typically how long after an initial consultation can you have eyelid surgery? Due to my work schedule I only have a narrow window of when to have the procedure and recovery time. I would like to do it in September but i'm afraid its too late, if not my only opportunity would be early next year.

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How Quickly Can a Blepharoplasty be Scheduled After Consultation?

If you are a candidate for the procedure, and there are no co-morbid medical problems (such as uncontrolled diabetes, dry eye symptoms, Graves' disease, etc.) that require pre-operative clearance, then it depends only on the surgeon's schedule.  This could be as quickly as the next day, especially since blepharoplasty is one of the less time-consuming procedures.  Allow at least a week of recovery time before you feel comfortable getting back into public (this does NOT mean you are done healing in 1 week).  Also, do not rush to schedule it just because the timing is convenient- be sure you are psychologically ready for it, and understand the risks of complications.  If the surgeon with whom you are comfortable cannot accommodate you, then just wait until your schedule allows- don't "jump" to another surgeon just because he/she can squeeze you in quicker.  You will have better peace of mind.

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Scheduling an appointment for a Blepharoplasty Procedure

Scheduling a blepharoplasty - slow down.  You are considering a permanent chance to your face. You may not necessarily want to schedule surgery with the doctor with the most flexible schedule. Or maybe you do. But take your time searching for a plastic surgeon.

Start by looking at photos. You need to find great before and after images, a lot of them and be sure that the results look great. But, also be sure that the quality of the photos is consistent. That will speak volumes about a plastic surgeon's attention to detail. 

In addition to to board certification, check a plastic surgeon's education and training. Did the surgeon you are considering attend a top tier medical school and graduate at the top of their class? Did the surgeon receive training from a top university medical center? What about experience? The surgeon's philosophy?

Look at their OR and surgical staff.  The environment and the surgical team and the facility where the procedure is performed is very important.

Michael Law, MD
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Consult-to-surgery time

Typically, I am able to fit in a blepharoplasty within 2-3 weeks, since it is a short procedure.  However, the actual time interval from your consultation to the actual procedure depends on several things:

  • Time of year (late summer tends through the new year tends to be busiest)
  • Upper or lower blepharoplasty or both (indicates how long the procedure will be)
  • Random cancellations in the surgeons schedule (if you are flexible and can have your procedure on short notice, often the surgeon will give you a discount)

I hope this helps!

Andrew Winkler, MD
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Preoperative time for blepharoplasty or any eyelid surgery

After consultation for eyelid surgery, assuming the surgeon has no back log,  the surgery can be scheduled as soon as one day but typically takes at least 2 weeks in order to do the following:  1) Complete preoperative exam/tests by your primary care physician;  2) Coording the surgery date with the surgery center.  Factors such as age, health status, current medications, among others influence the timing too.  If the surgery is performed uunder local anesthesia, then the requirements are less strict and the surgery may be scheduled earlier.  Consult with your surgeon's office.

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Dear Sacramento: Please consider a complete consultation followed by a full pre-operative work-up and then the Cosmetic Surgery (surgery will require about an hour for each pair of eyelids).  In La Jolla, CA our personal and privately run Joint Commission approved surgical center allows us full control of our surgical scheduling.

Robert Shumway, MD
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Scheduling an Appointment for a Blepharoplasty?

 Blepharoplasty takes an hour  (upper and lower eyelid surgery) or less to perform.  If you have a consultation soon, you should be able to be added to the surgery schedule as a second or even third case within a reasonable time frame.  In our office, since we have our own accredited OR, adding small cases isn't typically an issue if the patient is flexible on the exact days.  For longer cases, we are often booked for a year or longer where out of town or out of country patients have reserved and paid for the surgery days well in advance.  Hope it all works out the way you need.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Scheduling an Appointment for a Blepharoplasty?

It's hard to answer your question as every surgeon's schedule is different. If you consult with a Facial Plastic Surgeon who can perform your procedure in office or has ready access to a surgery center, then it's relatively easy to add on a blepharoplasty as it's typically an under one hour procedure. In certain practice environments, this might be next to impossible. You should give the office a "heads up" and let them know your needs. If they can't accommodate you. you might want to consider a consult elsewhere. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Time to schedule surgery after initial consultation

How quick is it possible to schedule surgery after an initial consultation will vary from office to office. Sometimes its possible to "fit one in" quite fast. However, keep mind that the decision should not be hasty. One should allow some time time to "digest" all the information obtained in the consultation.

Andrew Pichler, MD
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Scheduling an Appointment for a Blepharoplasty?

Since blepharoplasty is a quick procedure, most surgeons should be able to add your case to their existing cases within a short period of time.  Often, people from out of town schedule an appointment and surgery at the same time.  You can wait until next year but you probably don't have to.

Sam Goldberger, MD
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This very much depends on the surgeon.

Even in this economy, very popular surgeons are still running significant wait times for surgery.  Other surgeons are, well, their schedules are wide open.  You have to decide for yourself if you want surgery with someone who is so popular that you have to wait to have your surgery scheduled or if you are comfortable having surgery with someone who is not that busy.  I personally like to avoid restaurants that are empty.  I think it says something about the quality of the restaurant.  

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