Can receded gums due to rough brushing grow back? (photo)

I brushed my teeth and gums kind of hard and now the gum on one of my bottom teeth is pretty low. Is there any chance of it growing back, or do I need to go to a dentist?

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Receding Gums

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Hi, thank you for your question. Recession of gum tissue and exposure of the root of your teeth can be caused from harsh brushing. The roots of your teeth should not be exposed in your oral cavity. We have very minimally invasive procedures to cover over exposed roots and improve your gum quality. Please visit with a periodontist to have a consultation regarding these types of procedures. 

Gum Recession

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gum recession will not get better on it's own 

Will need to have the site treated before recession progresses. Gum recession is associated with bone loss. So as recession worsens , you will develop more bone loss on that site ...

Causes of gum recession could be multifactorial 

- aggressive brushing 

- clenching and grinding 

- orthodontic treatment ( braces) 

- smoking 

- gum disease 

- if the root of the tooth is located too forward in the arch 

Genetically, having a thin type of gum tissue will make you more prone to gum recession if any of above causes are there 

So the sooner you have the site checked. The better the treatment outcome and less progression of recession and bone loss 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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Gum is low on the tooth.

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Gum tissue will not grow back. Once the gum is missing, you may need a graft of tissue over the root. Also, the cause of the problem needs to be addressed. It may not be tooth brushing.  It may be your teeth are hitting too hard on that tooth. 

See a dentist or even a periodontist who is a specialist. 

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