Can gum contouring be done on the gum around specific teeth? (Photo)

I have two teeth that are shorter than all the others. Is it possible to just shape the gums around those two teeth? When the tissue heals would it match the surrounding, untouched gums? Also, would the gums regrow after surgery? This has always bothered me about my smile and I plan to have surgery. Thank you.

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Gummy Smile Correction

Yes, and it's important to have the x-rays of these teeth evaluated so that the CEJ (where the tooth enamel ends and the root begins) is not exposed during the surgery. This could lead to the possibility of needing veneers, which is best to know ahead of time prior to the surgery.

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Gum Recontouring on lateral incisors

Recontouring the gingiva on your laterals would easily improve your smile in a single easy visit.  The gom should be a little lower on the laterals than the surrounding teeth but yours is lower than ideal esthetics.

The tissue can grow back based on level of gum when a gingivetomy is done requiring removal of bone.  I do not think it would be necessary in your case.


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Gummy Smile Correction

HI there. It is possible to shape the gums around the two teeth that you are unhappy with. When the tissue heals it will match the surrounding gum tissue. There are a multitude of surgical techniques for this type of procedure. The correct technique needs to be selected so you don't experience regrowth. After the treatment is performed, this should never bother you again. Best of luck to you! 

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