Procedure to correct an Excessive gummy smile and short upper lip? (photos)

This is pretty much my hideous smile when i laugh. Im so tired of covering my face. Not only that whenever my lips are in a resting position my teeth still show and whenever i try to close my mouth u get dents im my chin.

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Gummy Smile Correction

I would be evaluated for jaw surgery and as a second more conservative option, I would be evaluated for lip repositioning surgery which can be accomplished in as little as one appointment with local anesthesia and light sedation.

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Gummy Smile

There are a few reasons why we have gummy smiles. In evaluating your photo, I can see that your upper jaw is much lower and forward than what we normally see. This causes you not to be able to close your lips properly and when you smile, you show much more of your gums. There are a few ways of handling this. I would encourage you to visit with an orthodontist and/or periodontist so they can examine you and give you a comprehensive treatment for your smile. Best of luck to you. 

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Multiple Steps for best physiologic and cosmetic results.

The typical orthodontic approach will be braces and orthognathic surgery.

I would suggest utilizing a more physiologic approach starting with a Biomimetic DNA appliance that utilizes epigenetic orthodontics.  The appliance is only worn 12-14 hours/day.  This will give considerable improvement.

You can then evaluate if the vertical excess is sufficiently reduced to avoid orthognathic surgery.  You will probably be amazed at the results from just the first step.

A combination of techniques including a reverse vestibuloplasty can reduce how high the lip goes  and gingivectomy to expose more teeth.

While orthognathic surgery can be very successful I would advise a more conservative approach initially.

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