What can I do to reverse minor gum recession? (Photo)

I recently have been brushing my teeth a bit agressivley the past week and just noticed that my gum on one of my lower front teeth is a bit receded, but I don't see any of the root, just more of the tooth. Will this recession naturally reverse eventually with careful brushing and care? Or is there anything I can do for it to reverse. None of the root is showing, just more of my tooth and this just of occurred within the past day or 2 from agressive brushing

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Minor Gum Recession

Hi and thank you for your question. I understand your concerns about the gum recession you have. Gum recession is not a healthy condition and should be treated. I love that you are brushing your teeth but I would advise you not to do this aggressively. There is a technique that you should use, because brushing your teeth aggressively can create more gum recession. Gum recession can be corrected by very minimally invasive techniques. I would suggest you see a consultation with a periodontist. Good luck!

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Minor Gum Recession

Sometimes gum recession caused by trauma can reverse itself after healing. Generally speaking, it is best to treat recession early, where procedures such as the Pinhole Surgical Technique can be utilized. My advice is to be evaluated by a Periodontist and have a comprehensive periodontal exam to rule out that you did not have any pre-existing bone loss.

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