I have a hard lump on the inside of my lower lip after an injury and oral surgery. Could this be a hypertrophic scar?

In my sleep I bit the inside of my lower lip right side. Lip was swollen and after 3 weeks I went to the dentist. Dentist One performed oral surgery with a laser to remove. Healed rapidly and now I have a lump on one side where the incision was. Small raise above skin but deeper when you feel outside and inside mouth together.Dr. Two oral surgeon does not know what it is but believes it is not cancer. No pain and I do not want more surgery. Skin dr says no sign of cancer but did not test tissue.

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Could lump on inside of lower lip be a hypertrophic scar?

It would be unusual for a hypertrophic scar to develop on the inside of the lip or mouth, but it is possible that the lump you have could be scar tissue.  You would really need to be examined to give you the best advice.  

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Lump Inside Mouth

Id suggest posting a picture, it is pretty difficult for us to give advice on what is occuring if we cannot see.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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