Is it necessary or even desirable to have a bone graft put in after extracting a wisdom tooth?

#1 molar. #2 is capped

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Bone grafting after third molar removal

This practice is complete rubbish. Please don't let any practitioner convince you otherwise. Sorry to be so direct but this is a common con-job done by unscrupulous practitioners in my country.

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Bone Graft after wisdom tooth extraction

A Graft is usually not necessary but if you had bone loss on the distal of the second molar it might be advisable.  Much of this would depend on the location and angultion of the wisdom tooth.  

If you plan on an implant in the future a bone graft is helpful but most people do not replace third molars with implants.

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Should a bone graft be done after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Typically bone grafting is not done when a wisdom tooth is extracted.
There are times when a wisdom tooth causes there to be bone loss on the back of the tooth directly in front of it. When this occurs, it is often recommended that the site be grafted to benefit the tooth that was directly in front of the wisdom tooth.

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Bone graft after 3rd molar extraction ... #DrSoftTouch

Hello there,
Typically, a bone graft would not be advisable to compensate for an extracted wisdom tooth (third molar).  If there is an issue with the 2nd molar (which is the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth), then a bone graft may be advisable.  It never hurts to get a second opinion, if you are having doubts about what your dentist may have told you.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
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Bone grafting after exo of wisdom tooth

All depends on the angulation of the 3rd molar.   Sometimes the 3rd molar is so angulated that it is touching the 2nd molar.  Therefore, the bony wall that should be located between the two teeth and at the back of (distal) the 2nd molar is missing.  
This bone might not regenerat on its own if bone grafting is not performed. That is why alot of times a periodontist will need to perform a secondary surgery to regenerate bone on the distal of 2nd molar to reduce a deep pocket. 

Bone grafting at the time of extraction will be more predictable. 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
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Bone graft

The only reason to place a bone graft following extraction of a wisdom tooth, would be to augment bone lost on the adjacent tooth.  Even so, the procedure would not be predictable if the bone was destroyed prior to the extraction.

Craig S. Wilson, DDS
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