Why is the tooth adjacent to a dental bone graft becoming increasingly painful?

Had bone grafting done on right lower jaw Aug. 27. Since then the tooth next to the graft site which covers an area that once held 3 back teeth, has become very painful to the touch and it throbs constantly despite taking Ibuprofen. The graft site is still swollen and a bit tender but not excessively so. However, the tooth adjacent to the graft area is extremely painful.

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Check it immediately

You need to check that right away,and also take some x rays, because the adjacent tooth might be involved in this healing process , by not having a good response. So, the option here could be the clinical check up, and also the antibiotic that they sent you, there could be an infection going on, that could be why its hurting. I hope this helps.

Implant and graft surgery. Painful tooth

After removing the tooth and doing the implant surgery, there may be some swelling which can shift your teeth and change the bite in that area.  Call the surgeon/Dentist to have them look at the surgical site and verify you are not pounding the tooth next to the surgical site.  You could also have a rare infection that would  need to be addressed.

Kathy Frazar, DDS, FAGD
Houston Dentist
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Call Your Dentist/Doctor Immediately

If you are experiencing this level of pain, you should call your dentist/doctor/oral surgeon immediately. Pain should subside, not increase. There is a possibility of infection or your body may be rejecting the graft. Do not delay, as this may get worse.

Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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