What happens if I have and extraction without bone graft but I want an implant in the future?

I have a root canal and a crown in teeth number 14 and the crown felt down and the teeth is not in good shape to save it because the crown was not fix properly and the decai get into it causing infection. I am planning an extraction. Some dentist said I may need bone graft because it looks like I loose some bone, some said that I can have the extraction without the bone graft and wait for a natural healing and get the implant because my teeth is on the back. What should I do?

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Bone grafting after tooth extraction

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There are two major indications for bone grafting following a tooth extraction. First is if there is already missing bone. In that case the site should be grafted to augment the bone and develop the site for implant placement later. The second is if the bone is normal, but implant placement is planned beyond 3 months. In this case site should be grafted to preserve the site. In areas where maxillary sinus is proximity (such as second premolars, first molars- your tooth, and second molars), a site graft can be done regardless to avoid shifting of the sinus floor downward (known as pneumarization).

See below for link on more on this topic.

Dr. Kazemi

Bethesda Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Upper molar extraction followed by an implant

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Without an xray it is hard to evaluate.  However if you are not planning an implant within the healing period or soon thereafter you should certainly consider a bone graft.  If there is sufficient bone an implant should be placed within a few months following healing of the extraction site, and if there is not enough bone you should wait about 4-6 months following the graft to do the implant.  Lastly if there is an infection...do the extraction,and wait till the site closes over safely before doing the graft if needed.

Barry Jason, DDS
Great Neck Dentist

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