4 mos post op. Uneven nostril because of cartilage graft. (photos)

I had open surgery 4 months ago (used rib cartilage) and about a month after my surgery, a bump grew inside my nostril. It feels really hard and now one of my nostril is 50% smaller than the normal one because of it. Do you think I should be concerned about this? Do I need a revision?

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Post op rhinoplasty

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At 4 months, it is still early to make any assumptions as to how it will look.  It usually take about a year for all the swelling to go down and it is difficult some times to wait that long.  However, I would recommend that you be patient and not consider any additional surgery until at least a year after the surgery.  Also, definitely continue to follow up with your surgeon.

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Uneven nostril after graft?

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Thank you for your question. At 4 months post-op, many rhinoplasty patients can still have significant soft tissue edema. It is possible that your graft has shifted, and may require placement revision in the future. However, most plastic surgeons would recommend waiting up to 9-12 months before revision surgery. As always, best to discuss your concerns openly/honestly with your operative surgeon. Best of luck to you.

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Uneven nostrils after rhinoplasty

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Uneven nostrils after rhinoplasty

I  would not be overly concerned with this just yet. Uneven nostrils are normal whether you have had surgery or never had surgery. Minor asymmetries or even moderate asymmetries in the nostrils  can occur after surgery and in some cases can be revise that you should give it at least 9 to 12 months before you judge your rhinoplasty. That being said  follow up with your surgeon closely. The overall size of nostrils and shape can never be matched perfectly but in some cases minor revisions with Cartilage grafting can help after your healing process is more complete. 

Chase Lay, MD
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