Intense tooth pain after getting temporary crown on?

I went to the dentist on Tuesday and they prepped my tooth for a crown. A few hours after the numbing went away, I was in pain. I took ibuprofen that night. The next day it only hurt still. I made an appointment to see the dentist again. They figured the crown was too high. I went to the dentist and they lowered the crown, my tooth felt a little better. But, the pulsing pain is remains. Is it just my tooth being traumatized? This is a tooth that has had a root canal.

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Tooth pain

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It is not uncommon , to have some tooth pain or discomfort  for a few days to a week after dental work.    Your dentists protocol was correct to adjust the bite. If symptoms do not improve over the next two weeks you may have to further evaluate the root canal and check for tooth fracture.

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Temporary crown and intense pain #DrSoftTouch

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There are several possibilities for the source of your discomfort.  It is not uncommon to have some sensitivity/discomfort while wearing the temporary crown. Often, this disappears after the permanent restoration has been placed. Another possibility is that your bite may still be a bit off which can cause the tooth to be sore. If the pain persists after your permanent crown is placed and your bite has been adjusted, root canal treatment may be necessary. I would recommend following up with your dentist so he/she is aware that you are still experiencing pain. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

Pain after temporary crown

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There can be three reasons for your pain. 

1.  Bite being off.

2.  Trauma of recent work

3.  Irreversible Nerve damage therefore needing a root canal.


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