Got my implant crown today & it now looks grey, how much does it normally cost to go back in & get a different shade? (Photo)

Originally I was quite worried about my crown not being the right size compared to my very small teeth so when I looked at my crown while it was being placed with temporary cement I was focusing more on that. I have now noticed a grey-white tint to the crown compared to my teeth which a yellow-white tint. How much is it to go back in and get a different shade to make it match my shade better? The color I originally choose matched my teeth very well so I'm not sure why it's grayish now.

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Grey crown over implant #DrSoftTouch

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Yes, you tooth does appear grey. This is probably due to the abutment showing through the crown. I would recommend a zirconia abutment rather than titanium. The cost of replacing the abutment and crown varies. I would recommend returning to your dentist to discuss your concerns. I hope this helps! Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

Gray crown over implant

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The main possible reason for the grayish color could be the titanium abutment under the crown.  In order to avoid the gray to show through, you have to get a zirconium abutment that is white in color.  Cost varies depending on the implant, crown and abutment.


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