I received a new crown. It chipped within two days. Is this normal?

The dentist said it wasn't a problem but I still feel that it is not right. The crown it replaced lasted for years. The only reason I needed a new crown was because the original root canal was not done properly and need to be re-done. I don't think I should have to pay full price for a crown that chipped in two days. Although the dentist smoothed the place down, my tongue won't leave it alone (it's been several months now).

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Broken Crown After Two Days

In my office I would replace the crown if it broke in two days assuming there was not trauma involved.  All offices are different. Discuss the concerns with your dentist and they will let you know what they are willing to do.  Best option is always to communicate.  Good luck. 

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Chipped new crown

You don't mention what you were doing when the crown chipped. This can make a difference about your responsibility to cover the cost. I'm sure if you share your concerns with your dentist an amicable solution can be reached. 

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