Is it better to wait before or after braces for permanent crowns?

I recently got braces on my top teeth however, I need two root canals done on two back molars before my ortho will place brackets on my bottom teeth. My ortho recommended not getting my permanent crowns until after my braces are off. Will this affect my teeth that need root canals?

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Crowns after Orthodontics

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It is advisable to do the root canal before orthodontic treatment, during the treatment are used provisional crown and when it is finished then the definitive crowns are placed

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Crowns During Orthodontics

I would recommend getting the root canals soon, but waiting for the crowns until right after the orthodontics is complete.  If your dentist and/or orthodontist ray differently, then follow their recommendation.  Best of luck.  

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Great question!  I would recommend holding off on getting your crowns until after your braces are off. It is important to have your teeth in alignment and your bite correct first. After your root canal, your dentist will place a permanent restoration until you are finished with orthodontic treatment. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Crowns after orthodontics

Crowns should always be postponed until after orthodontic therapy, however root canal therapy must be done so that infection can not progress and create more danger for you.  Stable, permanent, build-up restorations must be done after the root canal therapy and should hold up during your orthodontic phase.

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