How to tighten fit for lower implants?

My lower plate snaps into two implants. It is now loose on one side. My dentist tightened one time. Now the are loose again. Can this be repaired without replacing the lower plate

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Redo the Plate

Unfortunately, the plate will have to be replaced. In order to get the right fit it must be completely redone.

Santa Monica Dentist

Loose overdenture with implants

This is a common problem with only 2 implants retaining a denture. Not knowing how long you have had the denture, my question would be how long did you wear your denture before it first became loose? Are the snaps called locators? If they are locators, and you have had your denture for over several years then replacement of the inserts into the denture would be indicated. This is a very simple procedure. If they still do not tighten sufficiently then the gold attachments to your implants may be worn. In that case, they need to be replaced. This is not hard to do but is more cost due to repurchasing the attachments. Hope this helps you.

If you have had your denture only for a short amount of time then the loose snap may need to be repositioned without squeezing the gum tissue. It is possible that your gum tissue may be dislodging the snap. Hopefully this is not confusing you but these are only possibilities.

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