Adjusting crown after implant?

Just had the final stage of an implant with a new crown being fitted onto the post of a top tooth. Bit surprised that my dentist had to grind away the sides and back of the crown to get it to fit properly and not bang on the bottom tooth. Is this normal, because I have had a few crowns fitted in the past and they fitted perfectly first time. Thanks for any reply

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Adjusting crown - Bite adjustment

What you experienced was something called Bite Adjustment. This should be done always a crown is placed as the dental lab can make a replica with the molds of the patient teeth to manufacture the crowns but they cant reproduce in a model the movements of the patients mouth, so any prosthetics that comes from a dental lab always needs adjustments. thats why your dentist always ask you to bite a little piece of blue paper, to know if the bite is correct.

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Crown adjusting

It is completely normal for that adjusting. It is sometimes a little more tedious to adjust a crown over an implant to get it just right but once it's adjusted, a little polishing of the porcelain and it's no problem!

Crown adjustment

Adjusting a crown minimally to get a perfect fit is not uncommon. The more adjustment necessary for the crown to fit , the less perfect the final product. Without a picture or an xray it's difficult to answer your question specifically. 

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