Can I wear partial denture for a year before implants?

I just got my two second bicuspids extracted and know that implants are my next step. I also know that my treatment plan includes bone grafts and sinus lifts. My question is this: We are currently trying for a baby. Is the success rate of implants lessened by wearing a partial denture for year after extraction, while we expand our family? Thank you.

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Thanks for sending your question. You can wear a partial till you decide to restore the area with implants given the understanding that the partial itself can create recession of bone in the area. Ideally the sooner you decide to restore the site with the implant the better the outcome of the implant with grafting of the bone. You can also consider a Maryland bridge in the site if can be done conservatively by your provider. All the best with the new addition to your family!

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The best time to start implant procedure is in 6 months to a year after extraction, if you stay with the partial for a year its fine, however don't stay too long like 3-5 years due to your jaw bone will recede and will shrink in the width becoming thin and will complicate the future procedure.

Good luck with your pregnancy

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