I can see one of my tooth implants during the healing process. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a front tooth bridge removed recently as was getting loose. I opted for 2 transplant to support a new Bridge but now only after 4 weeks I see and feel the top of one transplant which I'm concerned about as it also moves slightly. Should this be normal or do you think the implant is loose...see from photo please..Thank you

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Implant exposure

Sometimes as the gum heals the healing cap attached to your implant can be exposed. That situation is normal, nothing to worry about, if you feel that the cap is loose you should have a consultation to check if it is  the implant or just the cap that is loose.

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Implant Visible During Healing Process

Occasionally, the implant is exposed during the healing process and depending on the amount of exposure, should pose no real problem. The amount of exposure that I see in your photo would not concern me. The movement is another story however. If the movement is simply coming from a loose healing cap which is screwed into the implant, the surgeon can hand tighten it and no worries. If the movement however is coming from the implant itself, then integration between the bone and the implant is not occurring and a new implant must be placed. In either case, go see your dentist right way for an examination and solution. Wishing you nothing but the best!

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