Saggy Skin Under Chin Sometimes? (photo)

i'm 45 yrs but have always been told i look very young. I'm starting to notice that some days I have this saggy area under the chin. I don't know if its lost of elasticity & over all aging process or am i dehydrated?Its hereditary in our family to have the turkey neck. I have been trying to remember to do chin exercises. I just started using the Dr Perricone Cold plasma Sub D neck firming cream. Would Ultherapy work b/c I don't think I'm ready for a face lift or what could I do to fix this?Thanks

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Saggy skin under chin.

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The earliest sign of facial aging is saggy skin under someone's chin. This will continue to get worse over time as a natural part of aging. Save your money and when you feel the skin is too much for you to accept then it will be time to have a facelift. Other treatments just waste your money and produce very little change.

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Sagging skin under the chin

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 The sagging of the skin of the neck is just the natural aging process that occurs. Some patients do tend to  create loose skin of the neck sooner than other patients. It's best to wait until there is more excess skin that  needs tightened, and then consideration for either a mini lift or lower face neck lift at that time

Necklift for Saggy Neck Skin

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I appreciate you sharing your questions and pictures.  The ideal candidates for a facelift/necklift/lower facelift have considerable fullness under their chin, muscle bands in the neck, and loose skin throughout.  Although I see many young patients in their mid 40s to early 50s that could get benefit from this intervention, I feel that with your present neckline and skin laxity this would be "a long run for a short slide." 

As for the morass of non-surgical treatment options that you have been offered or seen  advertised in print/television, I would use caution. In my experience with focused ultrasound (e.g. Ultherapy), the ideal patient is usually younger (30s-40s) with good skin elasticity and a primary concern with excess fat/fullness under the chin.  Treating excess skin is a limitation with this device.  That said, most patients get a subjective improvement although the clinical results are often difficult to appreciate. Similarly, several other procedures using non-invasive technologies produce underwhelming results when it comes to clinically significant skin tightening and removal of banding under the chin.  These include one of the many reincarnations of radiofrequency ablation (e.g. Thermage), infrared light, laser therapy, and medical skin care options. If you chose one of these options, try to keep your expectations low. Other non-invasive treatments like botox and fillers work remarkably well, but have little role in this area.

In time, a surgical option may be your best bet to rid yourself of the skin laxity and a little submental fat. That said, I think you have a natural, healthy neckline at this time and you should consider revisiting this idea in 5-10years if you still have a concern. I hope this helps. Take care.


Robert Brobst, MD
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Saggy Skin Under Chin Sometimes?

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      These changes are subtle, and I would save your money until you would see more improvement from intervention.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Early laxity under your chin

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is evident in your photos.  Ultherapy can work... if it is effective.  Make sure whomever provides it to you has a policy for those situations where results are not what was anticipated as Ulthera is not effective in all comers.  Facelifts can be considered but my patient population wants to see 'wow' results and your results will be more subtle so I would suggest waiting on surgery unless you are completely okay with subtle results.

From the photos, you are a good candidate for lower face/neck lifting now.

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The photos show a fullness in the jowls and along the jawline as well as looseness under the chin in the neck area. You are a great candidate now for the lower face/neck lifting procedures which can be done under local and with less complications/risks than a big lift later down the line. Expect to pay $8500 on special and you will be happy with the tight jawline and neck. Sincerely,David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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