Will my teeth implants effect my nose job and chin implant?

I have a rhinoplasty and chin implant scheduled for next year (December 2017) and teeth implants scheduled for December 2016. The teeth implants are on teeth 7 and 10 (the teeth on eigher side of the front teeth) I know the location is really close to the nose but I'll have a year to fully hear from the implants. Will the implants still possibly effect the other surgeries?

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Will Implants Affect Other Surgeries

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There shouldn't be any issues with the dental implants in regards to having the other procedures done, if I understand clearly. When you say chin implant, you are just having some thing added to your chin, not having your jaw moved orthognathically, correct?

If there is no jaw movement that will include tooth movement , then the chin implant and rhinoplasty shouldn't have any relationship to each other. If you were having orthognathic movement, you would probably be in braces or be getting them, soon. You didn't mention any of that. The main thing is to have the best dental hygiene you can to keep the implants and your natural teeth from getting infected. You don't want any active infections when you have the other procedures done.

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