Grey gum after front tooth implant? (photos)

I had a dental implant 1 month ago. I am currently wearing a flipper tooth. I am worried about the cookout of my gum? Will this heal properly or will it be grey for ever? Is there anything my dentist should be doing?

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Single Tooth Implant Post op

Whether this is a temporary or permanent situation really depends on whether what I am seeing is a metal healing cap that is showing through the tissue, or whether it is the actual body of the implant. In thin biotypes such as yours, the translucency of the area could cause a reflection of light through the tissue once it reflects off the implant surface. I would be evaluated for a possible soft tissue graft before your final crown is due. An important question for your dentist will be what the color of the post (abutment) will be once the case is completed. 

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Tooth implant and grey gums

From the photos, it appears to  me that the implant had been placed too far facially ( to the gums).  You will need to have a cone beam CT done to verify the position of the implant.  If the implant were placed with insufficient supporting bone and restored with an abutment/crown, it will fail.  Recently, I had to retreat a patient from England who had a similar situation with the implant placed in England, I had to remove the implant, graft bone and place a new implant in a proper position. Good luck.  Dr Le

Gray gum after implant

You should see your surgeon about this and the sooner the better. The gray you see is the implant shining through the bone and gum. It most likely won't affect the implant itself but to improve the cosmetics you may need some bone or connective tissue grafting which may or may not require redoing the implant. 

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this is not right, the way that the implant was set is not right, the buccal bone is affected, you should take a CT scan, so you can see how much bone is remaining, and probably another procedure needs to be done. or it can be the position of how the implant was set. see your dentist, and check with him the CT SCAN.this will make you have much better idea.

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