I have jowls and I feel like my face is falling. Thoughts and opinions please? What should I do? (Photo)

I am 47 years old, and after taking some pictures I realized that I have jowls :( Here are some pictures, I have fullness under the chin too. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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You could use a lift.

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Although you look younger than your stated age on these photos, you would benefit from a facelift since you have the concerns you expressed. 

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Lite-lift™ Facelift May Benefit Lower Face and Jowls

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If you feel that your face does not reflect how young you feel inside, you may be a candidate for a facelift.
During your #consultation, your skin texture and elasticity, as well as your underlying skin structure and your facial bone structure will be evaluated. Based on this evaluation, your board certified plastic surgeons will create a custom surgical plan, detailing specific techniques and recommendations to meet your goals. In doing so, he or she should be sure to have a full understanding of what results you expect.
If you are not a #candidate, your surgeon can make other suggestions to address your concerns and objectives.
Patients who desire facial rejuvenation that is affordable, quick, and effective should consider the Lite-lift™. Like the Life-Style™ facelift, this is a modified facelift that can be performed in the office with a local anesthetic and improve signs of aging around the neck, jawbone and lower face. These procedures are not "Thread-lifts" or "String-lifts". We do not use the "barbed" sutures employed in these other lifting operations. The Lite-lift™ uses longer lasting techniques that are discussed below. Because the incisions are limited, there is less bruising, swelling and healing time for most patients. Many patients can be back to work in one to two weeks looking rested and more youthful.
The best candidates for #LiteLift are patients 35-60 years old with early changes of the lower face and the neck. Older patients who cannot or do not wish to have a longer operation or general anesthetic can be improved with a Lite Lift™.
Lite Lift™ surgery is individualized for each patient. The best candidates for Lite Lift™ surgery have a face and neck line beginning to sag, but whose skin has elasticity and whose bone structure is well defined and do not smoke.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Excellent candidate for facelift in some eyelid work.

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From the photographs I think you would get an excellent result from a facelift. The upper eyelids are bit heavy in my benefit as well. It looks as though some volume restoration would help the lower lids.

Facial rejuvenation at age 47

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You are showing early signs of gravitational changes. You look well for your age but if motivated, non surgical options that would help include fillers for the pre-jowl area to camouflage the small jowls and filler for the naso-labial depression. So-called "maintenance lift" is the surgical option that would give you a more lasting improvement.

Andrew Pichler, MD
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon


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Your jowls are quite minor at this point. Depending on your skin tone even a small liposuction may help. another non-invasive option is to use filler to fill the depression etween the chin and the jowl to camouflage them. Lastly, a facelift will correct them. I would only suggest this at this point if you are highly motivated to do so as it is somewhat of a "long run for a short slide" at this point.

Correction of jowls at 47

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Thank you for your face lift question and question about your jowls.
  • You definitely have jowls.
  • The turned view of your face shows loose skin - as always happens when facial looseness leads to jowls.
  • I find chin-jowl implants can make a woman's face appear masculine, 
  • More photos and a face-to-face exam are needed but probably a lower face/neck lift will give you an excellent result,
  • A mid-face lift might be added - discuss this with the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon whom you consult. Best wishes.

Jowls and Fullness under Chin

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A lateral view of your face and neck would be very helpful. If there is no skin laxity in your neck maybe a chin jowl implant with neck liposuction would provide the improvement you desire. I there is laxity a neck lift with the implant would be the best approach. More pictures please.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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I have jowls and feel like my face is falling.

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There are many surgical procedures that may improve your appearance. There are some nonsurgical possibilities too. You should have your face evaluated by a board certified surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

Face lift surgery candidate

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None of the photographs document a three-quarter or side profile views to give a better idea of the aging process. The goal  of a facelift is to tighten facial and neck skin Including the jowls, tighten facial and neck muscles, and remove fatty deposits in the neck. It's important to perform this very conservatively, so that it gives a natural refreshed look without looking pulled or tightened. For many examples of what a face and neck lift can accomplish, please see the link below to our facelift photo gallery

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift for a younger patient

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Facelift for a younger patient
Patients often ask me when is the right time to have a facelift. I routinely perform facelift on younger patients that have some specific signs of aging, like jowls, neck looseness or overall cheek settling. Some patients that tell me that they looked great in their early 40’s and then in a couple of years they aged significantly. An experienced an talented facelift surgeon will be able to assess the aging changes and develop an appropriate surgical plan. A well executed and individualized surgical procedure can have a dramatic and yet natural result. Seek out a well regarded surgeon, ask to see before and after photos of other patients with similar age and similar facial anatomy.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 62 reviews

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