Is there a reason for not eating salt after surgery? I had some with fish, naturally salted and now I'm having a bit of pain!

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Salt and irritation

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Buccal fat is taken from the inside of the mouth through small incision in the lining of the cheeks - this can take 24-48 hours to heal.  Eating salty foods is generally avoided as the salt can irritate and cause a burning/painful sensation! Avoiding any foods that can cause irritation to the lining of the mucosa is generally recommended for the first 4 days.  Hope you are feeling better! 

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Is there a reason for not eating salt after surgery? =yes, irritation and pain #buccalfatremoval #buccalfat #chiseledface

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Buccal fat removal requires making small incisions inside the mouth ( mucosa). The mucosa usually heals in 24 hours but could take longer to heal. Salty food could irritate the open wound in the mucosa and therefore cause pain. Therefore, avoiding foods that irritate the mucosa like salty food could help to have non-painful recovery.

John Mesa, MD
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