12 days since I've done my Buccal fat removal - tooth pain.

I'm a bit concerned...not so much about the swelling, which I still have, especially on my right side, but more for: 1. some tooth pain (I'd say the upper right molar root); 2.when I move my mouth and nose I feel like I cannot move the right side of the nose very well. My doctor says that the swelling caused a temporary compression of the nerve so that's why I cannot move my right side of the nose. He says it's temporary. I think I need you doctors to confirm...please

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Tooth pain after buccal fat removal #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval #toothpain

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In is uncommon to have tooth pain after buccal fat removal, however I could happen. The pain might be secondary to irritation of the gums or the bone around the tooth (alveolar bone) rather than injury to the tooth nerve since it travels inside the upper jaw bone.

In my practice, if a patient develops tooth pain after buccal fat pad, likely secondary to the above reasons, I would recommend brushing the teeth with tooth paste for sensible teeth, take anti-inflammatories and rinse the mouth with non-alcohol containing mouth wash at least twice a day (ideally 3 times a day) until any potential post surgical irritation passes and therefore the pain improves. 

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