Buccal fat pad removal; left cheek swelled up? What do I do?

I had mine done in matter of about am hour or so of me getting home I drink a chicken soup and with in seconds my left cheek swelled up like a ball. I called my doctor n he said to put ice so it's been 2 hrs in with this swelling n pressure doctor said to call him in a few hours what do I do ?

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Buccal fat pad removal; left cheek swelled up? What do I do? = follow your surgeon's instructions. #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval

In my practice, patients after buccal fat removal are refrain from eating hot foods (eg. chicken soup) for at least 12 hours after surgery.

Hot foods introduced in the oral cavity can cause swelling of the surgical area. Therefore patients should eat cold foods or at least room temperature foods to avoid aggravating the normal post surgical swelling that could happen.

Patient with swelling post buccal fat removal should follow the instructions recommended only by the surgeon that performed the operation.

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Buccal fat pad removal and swelling

Dear joyfulll333,

  • If you notice uncontrolled pain, you should see your doctor sooner than later
  • A visit to the office is best if the swelling does not go down


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Sudden swelling after Buccal fat removal

dear Joyful133

Sudden swelling after  buccal  fat pad removal, indeed, after any form of plastic surgery, is cause for concern. This  is generally a  cause for concern.  If the swelling occurred very soon after the surgery, it  gently represents a hematoma ( collection of blood) or an infection (if several days have passed since the surgery). As you have done already, contacting your surgeon and having him handle  this is the best course of action.

 Fortunately, treatment is relatively straightforward. Good luck to you. 

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